1. What is UKR department?
Unit Kebudayaan & Rekreasi (UKR) is a department of
2. Who is the Director?
The current Director of Centre for Unit Kebudayaan & Rekreasi is Mr's Mashitoh binti Abu.
3. Where is the location of UKR Office?
Centre of UKR UniMAP is located at the Bangunan Pengkalan Indah,
Jalan Pengkalan Asam, 01000 Kangar, Perlis.
4. What are the services that UKR UniMAP provides?
a. Provide infrastructure and facilities to support teaching, learning, research and administration.
b. Develop and maintain a computerized information system university.
c. Develop and maintain a campus communication network system
d. Maintaining and repairing the computer equipment and printers.
e. To provide consultancy services in the field of information and communication technology
f. Help inculcate the use of information technology at the University.
g. Perform other tasks as directed by the University Authorities.
h. Responsible for UniMAP's main website and provides website training for PTjs admin that needs help with CMS Joomla
5. How many division does UKR UniMAP has?
They can be divided into 3 main sections, and each section has their own small units. Please refer below summary:-

Administration and Documentation

a. Academic Management System
- Academic Unit
- Student Affairs and Alumni Unit

b. Corporate Management System
- Executive Unit
- Personnel Unit
- Web and Portal Unit

c. PC and Quality Management
- ISMS Unit
- PC Maintenance Unit

a. Infrastructure Management and Network Security
- Network Centre Unit
- Network Security Unit
- Telecommunication and Infra Development Unit
- Network Distributed Campus Maintenance and Operation Unit

b. Data Centre Management
- Database, Storage and Helpdesk Unit
- Backup and Recovery Unit
- Server Operation, E-mail, Mechanical and Electrical Unit
10. Who are the officers in-charge of the Website and Portal Unit?
Madam Sharifah Noor Sahila Syed Jamal is the Information Technology Officer in-charge along with Miss Kogilaranne Muthusamy as the Assistant Information Technology Officer and Mr. Mohd Afif Md Jamel Khir as the Assistant Information Technology Officer.
20. What is the contact number for UKR?
UKR contact numbers are 04 - 979 8759  
21. How may i contact the UKR Office?
You may call us, send us a letter or email to the address below:-

Unit Kebudayaan & Rekreasi (UKR),  
Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), 
Lot 1, 2 & 3, Bangunan Pengkalan Indah,
Jalan Pengkalan Asam, 01000 Kangar,
Tel : 04 - 979 8759  Fax : 04 - 979 8718
Email : ukr@unimap.edu.my